5 Days Creative Ideator Summer Residential Camp (09-Apr-2015)

Age 8-11 and 11-16 years Creativity is not all about products but it is an interaction of person, process and environment. In this camp, the students will experience the ‘process’ of creative thinking. within an open and friendly environment. At the end of the camp, you might not get to see an amazing product but the ‘person’ is already inspired to develop one. Taking part in this camp, gives you the amazing opportunity to learn about important issues that affect us all. Each participant will receive personal guidance and everyone will work in team to develop an innovative projects or ideas. The experts in the field will be guiding each team for entire duration of the camp. At the end of the camp, parents and students will receive the detailed report of the kids creative abilities, creativity index, innovative approach and common project works (in teams). Who are the Organizers? Heramb is the mastermind behind this ideator camp. Being an innovator and entrepreneur himself, Heramb understands what is necessary for ‘being creative’. The idea of this camp stuck to his mind when he was working along with his team in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) with some underprivileged children from an NGO. http://www.snehalaya.org When he saw their creative potential, he thought that it would be wise to groom them. If we provide them a safe, friendly environment then they will create wonders. Heramb is a part of Council for Creative Education where he works with other innovation coaches and experts on creative thinking like Shirin, Prita, Dhanika, Elina, Anil and Vishwas. Council for Creative Education (CCE) is an international, research based,working in the field of creativity, innovation and enhancing quality of education. CCE is socially committed to this cause by sponsoring 10 students and we would like to involve community in this contribution, so that these creative kids will get encouragement from society. Contact: 9890436368

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