Being a successful freelancer (06-Mar-2013)

The key point to starting a business at home: Set and follow boundaries. For most women attempting to work at home, their children and families are the very reason for making such a decision. But for the business to function effectively, a separation of time for the business must be kept from the extra time spent with family. Get out of the house at least once a day. Your home not your prison. Set limits on how much your business life will cut into your family life. Set a schedule Find the right place for your work time. Avoid interruptions. Remember if you went out of the house to an office every day, you wouldn't be at home to juggle these interruptions. You should treat your in-home office as though you just left your house and went to work. Even facing these problems, experience clearly shows that the difficulties you encounter do not need to be roadblocks. If you are motivated properly, and set your goals, limits and boundaries, you will find a way over, under and around them.


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