Be a professional freelancer (05-Mar-2013)

Projecting a professional image even when you work from home: 1. Make your printed material communicate that you're a professional. Use professionally designed business cards, letterheads, and stationary. 2. Keep your residential phone for your personal use and for your family. Have a separate business telephone line. 3. Don't allow children to answer your business line. 4. Answer the telephone with a pleasant business like greeting and communicate that you're happy to hear from every caller. 5. Have a physically separate space for your office, if possible. Otherwise have a peaceful, well lit area as your designated work area. Never make the bedroom also your office. 6. If you need help, arrange it. Treat household interruptions as if you were at the office. Don't allow yourself to become occupied with reacting to interruptions and demands. 7. Establish a work schedule and establish time for yourself and your family. Don’t work morning, noon, and night. 8. Don't allow paperwork and office equipment to take over your home. Use space saving storage devices and remove clutter. Be organised as if you were at an office. 9. Have a bath and get dressed, before you start your work day.


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