Take home tuitions successfully (04-Mar-2013)

Taking home tuition successfully • Place an Ad on a local website with email and telephone contact. A good advert will get you better responses and you can make a choice from among the applicants. • Select subject of tuition. You cannot become expert in all subject. But you can expert in two or four subjects. • In any given time slot you should take tuitions of one class/level. • Have a lesson plan (just for you). It will show the objectives of the lesson for the hour(s). Also, you can use it to inform the pupil / parent of what you have covered. At the end of every lesson check that you met the objectives. • Before taking tuitions at home, you should spend your time for making your own notes. • Use a place that has no distractions, like a TV Set or children’s room. A separate room is preferred. The place should be well lit, clean, and have no clutter. • Have enough space for all students to sit and spread out their work. • Have enough resources and exercises that are relevant to the lesson. Always have extras, just in case a child finishes an exercise in 5 minutes instead of 10. • Be punctual and start the class on time. • Teach your students to be punctual. Never wait for one student at the expense of those who are already present. Be dressed professionally, as if you are teaching in an institution.


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