Starting a tutoring business (27-Feb-2013)

Starting a tutoring business costs very little. All that you need is: • A few helpful reference books • Suitable space with suitable furniture So if you have an extensive knowledge of a certain subject, a positive attitude, a passion to help others, and you have an open mind, tutoring may be the perfect home based business for you. A tutor does not necessarily need to have a degree in teaching in order to be qualified for tutoring. However, teaching experience will help in building a profile, as parents will be more confident with your abilities. Furthermore, as an academic tutor, you need to seek out the latest syllabus and texts which are being used in classes so as to ensure that what your teaching is aligned with the current education system. Two important factors influencing the success of a home tutoring service are the level of education and guidance that has been provided to the students. Usually, this is measured by the results attained by the students. Once a student scores an ‘A’ in a subject area that he or she has been poor in, your effective tutoring work will travel quickly by word of mouth as parents will make good recommendations to other parents. In fact, word of mouth is the channel that facilitates rapid growth in your business.


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