Hobbies...but why... (15-Feb-2013)

Finding a hobby can be a simple and effective way to relieve stress. A hobby can be an outlet for stress, a source of gratification, and a much-needed break from the daily stress of life. Getting perfectionistic with hobbies might take away the fun for some people so just enjoying them in whatever form they work for you is the key to de-stressing with hobbies. Read on for what some people have to say about their hobbies... Outdoor activities After work, I always play my favorite sport with a coach. It helps a lot to maintain my balance life. Learning I feel variety is the spice of life...and one should continue to have the attitude of learning while experiencing life, irrespective of one’s age. I am constantly learning new things in life and that keeps my brain cells active. Gardening Your own garden, in a balcony or a lawn, is the best thing you can have. Plant new things, and spend your time with them to release stress. Being with nature is the best for me. Craft and Arts Crafts are good anti-stress means as they create an environment for the mind to fly and be creative. I really love the craft shows and keep trying out what I see. I also attend short courses to learn new techniques. Meditation Best hobby is to practice meditation in everyday life. I was depressed for 2 years and the only thing that got me out was meditation which I learnt from a yoga teacher. I was able to look inside me, understand myself better, understand others better, and understand the how the world around me was operating. Nothing around me changed but I changed the way I looked at things. Hobbies For Stress Relief My partner and I get away from it all in our Caravan, usually every other weekend. It's cheap, get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Cooking Why not make cooking a hobby! Most people dread coming home from work and cooking dinner. It won't take up much time either, because it's something you have to do anyway. Try some new dishes you haven't had before. Attend specialty classes if you need to, and then just experiment. Scour the net for new recipes, make your grocery shopping trip an adventure by buying ingredients that are new to you, and then just turn on some music, and make cooking fun. It is a great stress reliever. Crocheting I'm quite good at crocheting and I love doing it! Being able to crochet basic things gives me something to do if I want to just get into a meditative state, and it also allows me to take short term courses. This in turn helps me meet new people with whom I can connect and together we get more creative, while having fun. Piano I love to play the piano. I used to play quite a bit as a kid, and taught for a while as an adult, but I've gotten so busy that I don't have a ton of time for practice. This used to cause quite a bit of stress but now I've found a teacher with whom I can just practice the few songs I know. I, in turn help the kids in the neighborhood learn how to play on their synthesizers.


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