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What is ClickForCoach?
Is ClickForCoach free?
Do I have to register to use ClickForCoach?
How do I find a coach at ClickForCoach?
Can I withdraw my application from a course?
Can I bookmark a page for later use on
How do I post my listing on
Can I share some course details on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ through
As a coach, what details should I should include in my post on
As a student, how do I contact a coach on
Can I post feedback on after I finish my course?
What kind of posts are not allowed on
How do I delete my ClickForCoach registration?
Can I have discussions with other students/coaches on
I did not register but my listing is on the site. Why?
I cannot see a teacher who matches my requirements. What can I do?
What is the use of the Message Box that I get as a Coach on the site?
What should a Coach do after registration?
I have received intimation that a Coach account has been created in my name on your site. What should I do?
Can I advertise with ClickForCoach if I have teaching related job openings?
What is Learner's Lane?
How will I know that someone has bought lessons uploaded by me on Learner's Lane?
Why does ClickForCoach take a commission on what I earn for my lessons?
Why do I have to buy a subscription to upload paid lessons?
How can I use the Virtual Class?
How many people can attend an online class?
can we use the Virtual Class application for corporate training and online meetings?

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